Polish Cleric Retires in Face of Cover-Up Accusations. It’s Not Enough, Critics Say.


And lawyers for Barbara Borowiecka, one of Poland’s best known survivors of clerical abuse, have told the Vatican’s Congregation for Bishops that the archbishop had been reluctant to look into her claims that she had been abused as a child by the Rev. Henryk Jankowski, a well-known priest who died a year ago.

Ms. Borowiecka said she had “mixed feelings” that Archbishop Glodz had been allowed to resign.

“I am happy he is gone,” she said in a telephone interview from Australia, where she lives. “But I am disappointed that there has been no punishment for what he did, for covering up.”

In April, Archbishop Glodz opened a commission to study the accusations against Father Jankowski.

Last year, three activists toppled a statue of Father Jankowski in Gdansk, and accused Archbishop Glodz of tolerating the risk of there being more victims.

Rafał Suszek, one of the activists, said the pope’s decision allows the archbishop “to tranquilly drift toward retirement.”

“We are dealing with acts, decisions, declarations on the part of the Polish and global Catholic church that are incommensurate to the evil perpetrated,” said Mr. Suszek, a professor of mathematical physics at the University of Warsaw.

“I do understand the symbolic nature of accepting his resignation,” he added. “But that is just not good enough as a compensation for the evil done.”


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